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Friday, April 29th, 2005

Thats a fun word, apparently as I search for work Im networking with my friends and community to tell them that Im looking for a job and if they hear of anything that they think I would be interested in to help me out. It goes back to the idea of its who you know, I should hope its who you know that knows what you know. LOL

On another side of that Ive been trying to get this site listed. Funny thing its like a bit of foot work if you dont want to pay to be listed. Things have changed in 5 years as to how things are listed. If you want prime search engine listings you have to pay up front to get the hits from them more than you did in the past. Targeted searches yeild the sites that have paid the most to be number one. (IE, if you search for illustration, you may come up with several sites that have paid for presentations. Ad agencies and the likes.) Where I who am too cheap to pay for a listing will probably be at the bottom of said list. However on the rare chance someone searches for ‘Ledsoul’ a relatively uncommon word, I would appear ontop as no one uses that search term.
So how do I describethis site so people get a good idea as to what its all about. I had recently double checked my Meta Tag description and was frightened by what I had wrote there. Perhaps it was the pain medication or the fact I rushed it, but now a large percentage of the free search engines I submitted to now have an old ridiculous description that is too long to call it short… So I rewrote my Meta Tag:

“Ledsoul Studio is a artist run site with dynamic illustrations and a creative blog and portfolio of RH Tom Edsall. Illustrative art work that appeals to comic book, scifi and fantasy enthusiasts.”

Still it is difficult to know what it is that will appeal to someone searching for my site. Obviously however if they typed Ledsoul into a search they would be looking for me so that doesnt mater… hahaha.

As it is Im going out and ‘networking’ with other sites and search engines to help promote my site and I. Time will tell as this information propogates to the net…

Sketch Book Updates

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Ok well Ive scoured over my PC for all my scanned images and recollected them all on one CD, hahah (To order any image in high res, please contact me, LOL) But I digress, what Im trying to accomplish is completing several projects that were left undone. Then in a quick and dirty Flash animation add them to the sketch book.

Now as far as the technical jargon goes, Ive read much and thought about it and thought, well it works in the big main few browsers, W3C is really raining on my parade here, Ill fix what I can, but as far as my flash animations and rollovers go, meh… anybody that doesnt have a browser capable of reading this site should know it is best veiwed using up-to-date technology. (LP, my technical advisor Im sure will have a few words for me on that note. LOL)

Aside from that Ive been doing a bit of research to learn how to add a comments page under each and every image, to allow you all to give your say about the art work there. But that will only come with time…

Art and Technology

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

I am in a quandry, this is not a huge thing but one that came to mind the otherday as I played with the very rudementary functionality of this site through its innerworkings of the html that runs every website. I have strove to learn all of the new technology I could as I approached this website over the past… decade. I have never taken any real formal courses in what I know now, but have learned through trial and error.

Irregardless, the idea that learning all this new technology to ‘enhance’ my work, even if it has given me the wonders of the net, I feel as though Ive lost some touch with the elementary beginings of my sketch book and drawing table. Granted as I type this my drawing table sits to my left covered in sheets of paper ready for the led of my pencil, but for some reason now it takes a peice of work a long time to come to a finish, because Im now taking directly from paper to digital work. This is a lost idea that will probably be said to be a good thing to learn the new creative edge of digital art work.

Recently my computer started to have problems. Its Old. (circa 1998) P2B Asus, recently upgraded PIII 500mhz with a mish mash of 288 mb ram and a mear 8 gig hard drive and a pityful 8mb allinwonder vid card. All of this makes for a graphic designers nightmare. Ive learned to maintain this machine to run stable and smooth, yet even then its limitations do not allow me to make art online as it should be.
My scanner for one is an old Brother MFC fax scanner, (meaning only 8 1/2 x 11 scans), and my video card and limited memory means I cannot work at the resolution that would be of a good printable quality. My mouse recently has decided to become a bit touchy, making work in Flash difficult as it wont allow me the fine movement I need to complete my task work. (So this is me crying about my limited computer.) LOL, some of this is fixable. (The mouse for one is going to get replace… poor wheelman…)

In conversation with a friend in the graphics industry reminded me of the importance of knowing how to use and have a PC tablet. Even a mouse tablet that would allow the fine movent sensitivity that a mouse makes difficult. So I am working towards getting one of those next. (eBay here I come. Hahaha) But eventually I hope to perhaps save and buy a more graphics worthy machine. Untill then please bear with me and understand that I have frustrations with the Technology I am using to ‘enhance’ my Art.

Sketch Book

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Well the first lines of my sketch book are now up and running, Ill have to tweak that over a few times I think. I need to learn how to make the button work so that the actual picture will show to the right of the buttons in frame. That’ll take some toying…
Aside from that Im happy still with my layout and design and hope it feels good for everyone else.


Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Still continuing to work on the site in the back ground to make it more W3C compliant, LOL. Tweaking my CV also, transitioning a word doc over to html is not as easy as one would think… so I just completely rewrote the lousy thing, haha. Anyway, I can safely say now that 80% of this site is compliant…

Valid HTML 4.01!

However should anyone notice any glitches or the likes let me know. Thanks.