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Constructing the work in progress wing

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

So after some diliberation and thought, I looked about the internet for what I knew I was missing on my site. Ive limited myself to only the images I had animated, (As that does take extra time to impliment and organize), so to expand Im going to just add a section where all it is are the basic drawings and etchings that are the under-pinnings (or Soul) of the work.
I love looking at Gestures and presketch work, it has something intrinsic about it that is untangible to the toungue. (As is my writing style sometimes.) The basic humanity that is drawn by pencil seems less constucted and mechanical and holds more potent emotive feeling, IMO.

I will also soon be adding some images for your desktop wallpapers, hopefully you will put these up and people will say, ‘nifty picture, wheres it from’ and you will say, ‘Ledsoul studio, just like it says’, and they will say, ‘well I gots te git me one o’ dem’…. (Perhaps in not so many words…)

Being Efficacious

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Producing new art is a great feeling for me. I love it when it just works. There are always a few little idioms I like to tell new artists as they try to learn the trade; firstly waste paper, use it, draw draw draw and dont worry about perfecting one drawing but if only to learn from it. And then learn to Feel the artwork.

Humans have this innate ability to feel esthetics (natural beauty). When a drawing or art work is right you can in a sense feel it. Of course having this esthetic appreciation is sometimes a learned quality, yet not specifically limited to artists, (Artists just know how to make that feeling.) Recall the saying, ‘I dont know art, but I know what I like.” Thats a simple sense of esthetic.

This does not limit esthetic as a universal, rather its an adaptive sense. Culture, style, background can all affect how you see the world and perceive what you think is beautiful. “In the eye of the beholder”, is the common term. Yet appealing to the mass majority is a trick that a good artist can master, something I am yet learning and hope to one day understand…

Which stick man is it?

Sunday, May 15th, 2005

If you notice to the left, two wee lil stick men in circles, yep their links, however choose the wrong one and it’ll send you on an infinite loop invariably kicking you off my site. Choose the right one and bam you have Ledsoul’s Daily Hominus Stickus Comic. Choose selectively. Heres a hint, one always tells the truth.

Did I intend this… HA, no… it seemd a likely error on my part that led to this, finding a glitch in the Word Press Blog program. Ill talk to my technical advisor about that later. heheh

Keeping it ‘Dynamic’

Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Ok so Ive been going through and rehashing all my Meta tags and adding Meta tags where there were none. (FYI: Meta tags are hidden tags that describe the page, Description and Keywords.) Ive also rethought some of the page titles, making them a little more interesting when they show up in a search engine. Now I cant say I know alot about the Meta tags or how they help rank my site in a search engine like Google, but I can certainly try to hit key references… I hope.

So along with updating many pages meta tags, I have managed to continually add more to the Hominus Stickus comic. I think though if this continues I will have to rethink the way I post those. But Ill think about that when I get there.


Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

It interesting but while touring several other artist run sites, it seems to be a big point to have a section about themselves in there. So I made the biography about myself including a fun self portrait, hahahah.

Who is RH Thomas Edsall?