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Study in Life

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

While Ive been off work, Ive had opportunity to become aquainted with people and places that I had not while my time was consumed by the man. Ive been looking into working for another man, but hopefully one that was more attuned to my dare I say, ergo artistic and creative talents. None the less I am reading about Entrepreneurship and small biz jazz, but that does not mean Im going to become an expert in the feild.

I hope no one has become bored with my site, as Ive attempted to add more drawings to my scrapbook and always a daily hominus stickus. Ive been talking with the good people at MIC (Maple Ink Comics Community). Hopefully I will learn much more about the comic book industry and perhaps begin scawling out a few comic book pages myself. We shall see.

Just a slight re-org

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

As time goes and you view a page a half a billion times, after a while you begin to question why somethings are the way they are or how you can improve upon them. In my old industry we called this efficiency. (hahah)
So I changed up the store front a little, so to put it, to help people map their way around my site, not only that but I gave Hominus Stickus a more prominent position.

Aside from that, other incentives of industry are taking form, if not only to merit further investigation. Thank you Miz. Ellie . . .

Hominus Stickus

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Ok, well figuring that modifing each page as the comic strip grew and the fact that google and other search bots dont like pages that change too often, Ive opted to use a frame within a frame for the comic section. Hopefully this works for everyone with out error and helps create a more stable web environment. Whats more all links to Hominus stickus, like the one above, will always take you to the newest comic. (meaning no other page on my site needs to be changed for the sake of a new page in the comic strips.

I hope this is being enjoyed by many and hopefully one day will be seen by the right person who has the capacity to make something more of it… (ie Newsprint…)

How long will this last? As long as I am able. Will I ever create an archive so you dont have endless pages and pages… perhaps, but we shall see when we get there.

If anyone has good critism or comments please make them. Meanwhile tell the world about and help this starving artist…

Digital business cards

Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Yeah Ive got to figure out more about putting the name out there. Ledsoul Studio in my hopes will grow, however to do so Im going to have to offer more for people to look at on this site.

So hopefully this is another growing start, the Wallpapers section is now open and will be growing quickly. Ive even linked the sketches used to each coresponding wallpaper.

I know I like big buttons, but for now, unless I get to making a whole lot more wallpapers thats the way I like em. heheh