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Some Adaptation

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

I strongly believe in adaptation. Flexibility and diversity are the greatest mechanisms of survival. Finding that niche where I can fullfill peoples needs while not neglecting my goals and aims to become a fulltime artist, requires much flexibility. I have read a great book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese‘, that specifically attacks this issue of change and dealing with it. Currently I am dealing with change on a career level, however prior to this change in the workplace was common place. However I am not one to throw something to the side and say ‘bendadunda’.

Change Happens, anticipate it, watch it happen, adapt quickly and change with it.

Hopefully I am fullfilling those, and feel I am, when I make changes to this site. Reacting to a need for change to accomodate the gap between the now and the future or the past need that was missed.

While veiwing this site on other computers, I came to realize that, yes indeed (not that I should not have already known this), but this site does look different on different computers.

Next to the complication of forcing font size on people and transitioning the entire site to a controled flash site, I figured why not just allow for a no-frames option. This was easy enough to apply and allowed a greater diversity of linking within the site. (The addition of several ‘back’ or ‘home’ buttons through out the pages here.) In doing so I also modified the linking on this blog also. (As a side, I am open to linking to other webling BLogs. Poor LP all alone there… LOL)

Watching for the need to change more Ive looked at the comments made to me and on this site. There really has been only soo much feedback about how this site is working for many. This tells me that either A. its working great for everyone or B. Its not reaching those I really need it to.

Here are some needs I hope to fullfill sometime in the near future.
More Artwork. This is a commonly repeated response to this site, that I am lacking in my work. Unfortunately, my scanning capacity right now only allows for soo much, however that does not mean I am limited, but time wise it just takes me a little longer to put it together. (FEED ME, shouts this starving artist, as the crowd laughs piously suspending their pity for humour.)

More input would be good, Ive provided many means to communicate to me, so dont hesitate to blast my inadequecies, LOL, I need to grow so, its great when there is someone on the outside tellimg me where the gaps are that I can fillout.

Nosce te ipsum

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

Do I know thyself? I know Im learning more about myself everyday, as I should be. I think like nature and the world, we are also infinitely and invariably the epitome of never ending wonder. Humans are strange and ever changing creatures, how could anyone ever say they know all there is about themselves.
Why am I going on about this, for two reasons. Ive finally put up a more complete Artists Vision Statement, (which includes a photo of myself for those interested), this includes my intent in my artistic message, my motives with my art and my objectives with this site, amoung other erratic ramblings. LOL (I would imagine there are many more to come.)
Another reason is that yesterday I gave a public discourse where I had lost all my notes and hit a wall on my conclusion. There was no backing out as I had no time to give any kind of notice. So I had to speak publicly on a difficult topic with mearly my text book and the notes in my head. My nerves were shot, but I did it. I couldnt see myself doing it and then I was called. My body just moved and my mind followed and before it was all said and done, so was I. I successfully pulled it off, if only to the approval of half the audience, the other half were more aware that I was not at my usual readiness. But I did it. And now I know that under some circumstances I can go confidently forward knowing I have done it before and what not to do again. LOL…

Taking Control

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

This is a learning process and Ive been learning alot, thank goodness its not all about learning how to maintain this site as much any longer. Now Im down to really learning about the business of running a site. (Theres a difference there kids, should you start a site its good know know how to run it technically, but for it to work for you its alot more work.)

So yeah Ive been challenging myself by studying about Consulting Businesses. I have yet to complete my self-assessment, but I have started it by compiling my useful skills, and committing them to a new section of the site.
Ledsoul Studio Consulting Services
It is a novel concept to me, yet I feel confident enough to post it for public response. We shall see what comes of this new venture.

I have also done some reorganization of the home page again, but I think this will be a constant turn around as I grow and develope this site.

Tomorrow I speak with a Vocational counsellor and see what professional opinions that derives.


Thursday, July 7th, 2005

OK so I learn a few things after reading some comments by people who print comics, things that technically I should have known… in fact did, but had earnest hopes I could get away with out following the rules. hahah

For a good quality print of a comic to go into production, it must meet several requirements. 300 dpi, this means my 72 dpi images here on the site are not well suited for newsprint and anyone printing these at home, when scrutinized closely will notice the jagged edges of pixelized imagery. (Im from this point duplicating the images in PSD vector incase I want to use them in the future at 300dpi)

CMYK colour, commonly used in magazines and the likes, this format makes it easier for the printer to more accurately capture the artists original colours. However seeing as I dont use colour for many of my comics, (something I may have to change at some point), Im not overly worried about the colour just yet.

File format should be a .jpg .tiff .raw or the likes. At present Im using a .gif, of which is best suited for web use only. The larger the format the better as it becomes more flexible for adjustments of size and editing.

Size frame and border do not mater so much as the ability for the comic to be adjusted to fit the papers needs.

(Some publications however print as needed, so in keeping with a consistent story that continues form the previous comic may be difficult it the paper does not keep a regular scheduled print.)

So after reading some of this stuff, Im still reading, LOL

Im looking for a Mentor if one is ever available please give me a call, I will be your ready prodigy, heheh.

Creating Ledsoul Inc.

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

While off searching myself to find a new niche in this world, Ive found several useful resources… or rather I was given several useful resources to help me think this through. So I may occasionally be posting my findings here to help me (while sharing my process) to discover what to do next with this site and my skills.

Ledsoul Studio is a trade name associated with myself, sooner or later I may turn that into an incorporation but thats a process I can afford at the moment. That said, how will I get myself there…

I am my own leader. . . how cliche huh…
I must see in myself these vital abilities.
The ability to Interact Socially. Listen, negotiate, find acceptance and be empowered to lead others, even indirectly when influencing others opinions of myself.
Creativity in Solving Problems (not just being creative on paper), but being open to alternatives to what I set myself on and always questioning the ambivalent assumptions.
Critical Evaluation and Systematic Thinking. Organizing, planning and analyzing the problems in a way that effectively solves them.

This is just me thinking outloud, but I hope to maybe have a form of organized thought process here eventually that may grow into something tangible.