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Where’s the Led?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

I must appologize to my loyal readers. (What few Ive accumulated, LOL)

I have been sidetracked lately into the position of finding economically viable work, and unfortunately the site has not been so economically viable for me just yet.

Sure Ive spoken with many artists and the likes. But it always comes back to they all have another job on the side to stablize their income.

I know in the past Ive wanted to open a shop here on the site, but I have not been able to secure the resources here at home to do so. Its probably alot easier than Ive been looking at, however I have not found it yet.

Perhaps when I get that stablizing income, Ill manage to start something up again here.

In the mean while I welcome your comments and discussion.
Thank You…