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Back amoung the gainfully employed

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

But not rich… and thats ok my aspect goal in life is not to be rich in wealth but to be made full in the richness of love and spirituality. Etc etc etc… need I really go on. So before I start a rant on the luxuries of life Ill further explain myself…

I have become embroiled in the scheme of selling art to the common patrons of mall life. Thats right, Ill be working in a Mall selling framed art, moving towards the prospect of managing that same store.

Sure this is a good prospect for me, I get to work with art, using what little knowledge of artistic history Ive accumulated in my college years and help people with their choice of art. I am however trepidatious as this is a new venture and well lets be honest a new job coming from 6 years of doing bank work, hahah.

I am confident however and striving to maintain that confidence. So in all good time once settled into this new role, Ill start making comics again here at home.

So please stay in touch…