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Kong Rocked

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Yeah that was a good movie.
(Not feeling very intelligent right now but to say in short)

Work Good.
Must make goal to get Vehicle(s) and gain the appreciation that it takes to operate them. (AKA get license.)

Get Cellphone. (Yep, since the days of startreks proving its capability for mobile communications, there have been soo many reasons to get one (or two). Purportedly it would be ideal for business.)


Strange Writings

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

So Im thinking I have this great blog, but I dont use it to its full potential. Some may agree Im not using much of this site to its full potential. In as much as I want to, my energy has been divided from me yet.

This said, I need to start getting into the swing of maintaining this site again. So I may just start small by blogging for a bit.

Writing random thoughts about the world and such. Im not a philosophical as I would have myself want to beleive, however I like reading about it. Like what is the ultimate meaning behind Hello Kitty.

Someone so kindly introduced to me a very unique idea. How to take advantage of the online world and have it become more profitable in the most mundane way.

One Red Paper Clip. Check it out, the guy started by offering to trade his One Red Paper Clip for something, somebody traded him for something and he traded that for something else, larger. He now has an all expenses paid trip to Yahk BC, LOL. Good on ya guy.

So if I was to exploit the internet how would you propose and support my efforts?

YoY-search - a web portal with ten types of search

Just because…


Thursday, December 8th, 2005

So… its been quiet around here I know.

The snow falls silently in the peaceful way it does, only until the wake of a wind gust fires it through the air turning it into an ice shard that stings as it strikes those who dare cross its path.

Such as a snowflakes is a victim of its circumstance in what ever haphazard environment it falls into, such as the path we take in life at times. Many will have the weight to overcome their situation, while others still light and aloof in life will fall prey to its smallest breeze.

So why am I going on about this metaphor, … just because. Its snowing outside and I like snow. And my last job didnt work out. Turns out I hate mall life, hahahaha!

Now I found a humble position that I feel no need to expose myself to needless stress and storefront competition. As a co-worker put it so poignantly…
“Big Smile! Big Smile! Big Smile!” in reference to the management style, note the undertone of the Nazi Sig Heil.

I am happier now and I get paid more to be so. So what if Im wallowing in mire, I work with people I like and have an employer I can respect.

As for the site, of course Ill get around to doing some updates soon… cough cough