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Wonder Wha?!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Ok its been a while, new job etc etc has me all worn out alot. Energy levels are low, however Wondercon was fantastic. I caution you however I went in with little or no expectations. (Good thing perhaps, but this is touted to be the best Wondercon yet.)

San Fransisco Aerial Photo

So Our Trip, (My good bud Joe and I), started great. We flew into San Fran with little or no trouble from the customs agents, irregardless of our intent. We found the bus ride to our hotel easily and settled in quickly. For as many expectations as traveling the air ways was for me, it went pretty good.

San Fran is great, I have many other images of it that I stole with my digital, however those I shall save for a later time. All except one. San Fran has integrated art into its city very nicely, especially this fun street art, several of which (many different characters) are poster boarded across the downtown.
Street Art San Fransisco

So we get to the convention, fun stuff let me tell you. Getting our weekend pass was a breeze, only later did we discover that by brown pass they meant orange, short story told too long, what we thought was orange was infact discribed as brown. (Uneeded information)

We tried to disguise ourselves, unwittingly, as geeks for the first day. This immediately drew the attention of a superheroe loved by many in the southern half of the northern half of the Americas.
Captain America
We quickly leanred that you do not Question America as when Joe asked him about his stance on the War, we were bludgeoned with the red, white and blue sheild, just before he took off running away… to save… other geeks in distress… or something like that…

Spy Versus Laura Croft
This was just what every guy has wanted to see in a good comic con. Spy versus Lara.

We took to the natives quickly and suddenly found ourselves being suberveted into the geek culture by their luscious seductress’ (Notice the evident product placement when it comes to me, as Im evidently not as pretty as Joe…. cough… Read Monarch Moon…. cough.)
Monarch Moon Babes
Monarch Moon Babes

Later I bumped into one of my daughters favorite heroes Violet from the incredibles. So it was with that motivation I got my photo shoot with her. I had a feeling that many other geeks had gotten to her before I had.
Violet Incredibles costume

Soon after Joe bumped into one of his own heroic favorites, Batman. Unfortunately the Green latern apparently had a little envy in his eyes. (note the slight green glow)
Batman and Green Lantern

I had a bad feeling when we left them as shortly after we were accosted by the local itenterant Storm troopers. Charged with some slight of cultural difference Joe had a short scuffle with them. I escaped that scene if not for a moment. Notice the battered and scuffed armour from their previous battle with Joe. (I couldnt stop laughing for one reason or another.)
Joe versus the Storm Troopers of Wondercon
Tom arrested by the Stormtroopers of Wondercon

We were questioned by this guy on the lack of Elvis in Canada. We had no answer.
Elvis Stormtrooper at Wondercon

Thats when I remembered I had friends in High Places. Darth Vader and I had a mutual interest in entertaining my daughter and hit it off, getting us out of trouble. Thanks Vader…
My good buddy Darth Vader

This guy was just too cool…
General Grevious

When all was said and done, it was good. We had fun, seen an open insane asylum they called San Fransisco. And Joe got a kewl shirt out of it, amoungst several other fun trinkets.
Going Home

More to come later… (When I have the capacity and energy level to type.)