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Feeling a little Bubbly

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Yes yes, I know its been a little inactive around the site lately. Wow, let me tell you, sometimes when you churn up the dregs in a good wine, it doesnt always settle out the same and tastes a little different.

I have done some sketching, however Ive lacked the energy to plug in my ol’ fax scanner and scan them in. (Recall, it takes this old reliable PC a while to accomplish tasks like that.) So it takes a little extra energy and patience to image my work. Most of my time has been dedicated to secular pursuites and family as of late. These are things of life, eating and drinking, being married and having children, enjoying life to its finest. There is nothing wrong with that, it just takes alot of our time. (Thus the warnings not to let it over take us and bare us down.)

Has this got me down, not really, just overly distracted and thus lacking focus I tend to avoid things that will take me time to digest and construct. So my poor site gets neglected. Ill figure it out… get faster resources or finally dedicate some time (meaning plan ahead) to posting some new sketches and continue with the Comic.

find some bubble wrap and have fun…
Elycia bubble wrap fashion model