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Websites Past

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Ok ok I get it, Im slow at keep up.
(Que Madonna: Tom goes by… so slowly (slowly))

All in all this site is over a year old. (Many thanks to LP), you would have thought I would have put more effort into it, however there is only so much effort as there is energy left to force into it. Time and circumstances have caught up to me and like always some things get put on the back burner. Im sure this is a commanality with many people.

So now I take a moment to reflect on my website history on the internet. Little less than a decade ago I steped out into this vast world known as the internet and learned much ado about little more than data input. (Which intrensically is nothing.)

Ledsoul History
My first site was lost to time. (I beleive it was a Lycos site.) And then I turned to Netscape and Excite, but them too have passed with time. (Inactive sites get deleted.) None of these were under the psuedonym ledsoul. I beleive I used Maus Caje. The name Ledsoul came from a name I picked up when I first used that old 486 in AOL’s tiny world. I have since then capitalized on that.

The oldest running site I have is my Angelfire site.
(Beware Pop-ups, an unfortunate consequence of running a free site.)
This site was an experience for me into finally learning all about HTML. I forced myself to use only code to make the site and learned much about the language and much about what I dont know still. The Angelfire site was slowly mutated into what it is now, for jumping off into any of the other related Ledsoul sites. But in its hay-day, it looked a little too amature 80’s arcade, hahah

I then discoved a related server company Tripod.
This was another learning for me, however small it was. I decided to focus the site towards the RPG gaming aspects that related to much of my art at that time. The original site started out with the FreeSpace Frontpage, but later decidedly used it as yet another jumping point to more websites. This is when I started to randomly build pages across the net.

The inevitable Geocities cacophony of HTML.
This too became a jumping stage to other sites I would develop,,, (which unfortunately the server crashed taking all sites on it with it.)some lost some gained all ending up here finally at

I have travelled across the net on many forums, blog spots and the likes also, most of which are found by Google: Ledsoul. But such is the internet that it is all just temporary and links sometimes die in time leading no where. Lets just hope, even after my time is up on this server, I can muster the energy to get it on another and keep alive.