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New Plan

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Ive been playing around that silly Bebo community boards. Funny little place, but very easy to use. Irregardless of its existence, they have there what they call a whiteboard. Its a form of message board with a doodle pad. Oekaki as its known else where. I want one on my website to replace that lousy comments / visitor book.

You could make comments here to my ‘blog’ as it were, however given the fact that my site is all about doodles and drawing, why not have a method that you can doodle back to me. Heck, it may even be a new way for me to make Hominus Stickus.

Im sooo tired, let me tell you though. Physically, I have ailments now I never imagined. But I plod along trying to live. (I Love my wife. She takes good care of me.)

So before I digress any further.
New Plan… Oekaki…Bebo


Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Yeah thats cheesy, but I get a kick out of how you can put art as a prefix to soo many things and make corny lines like… the Artcher, Artitude, Art-quake! Yeah it goes on and you can muse at it for a minute and then it quickly becomes annoying.

(That was fun wasnt it.)

You know whats fun’ner, updates!
… coming soon.

Meanwhile go check out my favoritest blog online…
Pokoyo’s Blog!

Go visit one of my favorite childrens characters of all time.