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Crash Woody!!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Hahah, I just love that name. You know a good net name can make an impression. I get all sorts of feed back on my psuedonym Ledsoul. Most just call me Led after a while. One guy I know even created a salute for me because of the name. (He would salute and then drop his hand like he was dropping a space helmet visor. Heheh.)

Simtech Flight Design Fun Flying

Anyway… My good friend Woody has been having great success creatively and I salute him for it… Check out his company, Cr1 Flight design. I had good hopes of helping him with his site, however time and circumstances, (AKA, life), didnt happen fast enough. LOL. Good thing he’s more resourceful than I am, cause his site is going to be great.
(Dropped his link in my Black Book, so you can call it up anytime, Kudos Mate!)

Led Free?

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

No I assure you this site is full of Led. Dont let your children eat it please.

Ive been off doing career changing and management of living in economically harsh times. What can one say, but that in a fix, most people do not consider art a nessessity, but a luxury. (Tell that to the sales person in the framing shop however.)

Miss Elycia's Cat

So my daughter is loving her Arts Academy and I cant help but think Why didnt we have such a luxury when we were children. Oh yeah I know, we were POOR ASS KIDS.

Not knocking the new wave of socio-economics in the world, however it just seems to me that alot of kids, regardless of social strata have alot more than I had as a child. Could also be that we are living in a large city, where I grew up in a small town environment. So if I do something like “deprive” my child of a cell phone, internet access, cable television and console instant action gaming, then am I doing them an injustice. I say welcome to the life of a gen X lover. Embrace creativity and use your freaking (literally) imagination.

I can remember growing up and having the most memorable fun just pretending. Not sitting watching a movie or playing a game, albeit those were fun, but the most creative fun I had was making up games or just playing them out. Hiya! Im the Karate Cat! Jumping around with the imaginings of fighting shadowy creatures that just came from no where. Just running around is the key phrase, not neccessarily talking about excersize so much as just being with yourself and the world around you.

Anyway… thats my two seconds of rant.

Im working happily now as a technical designer for a automation engineering company. And you know what, we still have creative fun in a scary world of engineers and computer drawn imagery. Go figure…