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September 29th, 2005

walking dood

So I guess it would be a good idea if I wanted people to visit this site to update it more often. Ive had a lack luster busy past few weeks I suppose. Very little artistic rendering and more artistic learning. Touring various studio spaces and trying to keep ever more vigilant for actual vocational employment in said industry.

Ive managed a good tour of a great place that frames and mats art, not to mention presses, prints and photo touches. So it looks like a promising job opportunity, however I cant count my blessings there just yet as nothing is laid in stone.

I even managed to trade up some Art work for a few computer parts, if only to give my old faithful PC a little boost. (haha, I now have 384mb of RAM and another 12 Gig HD to my existing 8.) My wish list still needs an improvement of my Graphics Card, (Currently an old Allinwonder Rage Pro AGP 2x 8meg card.) And of course Im still vying to get myself a PC Tablet to draw with.

Eventually I get around to scanning some new drawing in and posting them, but for now to those who continue to pay me respects by visiting my site, thank you, and do comeback, after all its free for you.


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