What is Going on my people.

May 3rd, 2008

So happenstance and haberdashery has come and gone as such is the nature of life, I delay again much to my grimace, the updating of my site. So if Im not updating this site and doing artwork, what am I doing?

Lets explore this shall we.

Firstly, to begin, it all starts with me. Ultimately the heart, mind and spirit is willing, yet the body in its fleshly carporeal state is ofcourse a complete and utter failiure to me. Sure we cut out the cancer and laid bare the chemical wastes. Yet the scars run quite physically deep and thats no metaphor. So inevitably age has set in and I come home from work, sore, tired and regretably uninspired.

This doesnt mean my creative flow is stopped, lo’ but only hindered by lack of energy to do anything about it. Infact I still have many other projects distracting what little energies I have to spare.

Secondly, I am ofcourse a family man. Kind, loving, gentile father figure of a small intimate family group. My one and only precious child is my daughter of 5 (and a half) years. SO, obviously I have a major distrac… responsibility to her. Hahah, I do give alot of time to her, she and I are great together. We have Mondays, baking and crafts day, Tuesday reading day, Wednesday game day, Thursday reading day (yes twice, cause I like edumacation.) Friday play day! and the Weekend freeforall!

I cant forget my wife ofcourse, I set time aside for her, I have to, we share a bed. (Grin) But dates are important to making a lasting relationship… etc etc… lets not go to much into mundane life details and try to tell everyone that all you need is love. (Have you seen Across the Universe or August Rush, both fantastic movies.)

Distraction 1, video games. LOL
We all love them and give us, needed entertainment. I suffice to say now that video games are similar to television in that it allows you a moment of escapism. Pure unadulterated relaxed entertainment, (this said with an air of auspice in the subject at hand as unadulterated is a word too abused.)
Check this out, I helped develope some of the graphics work for this site…
Senility Guild Gaming
And poor old GT Limbo Gaming forums is still there, lingering…
GT Limbo Nerd Gaming

Facebook! Booo Whaahahaha! Yeah is there anything with soo much distraction involved. Its like its made for the modern child with Attention Deficit Disorder!

So its a whole lotta fun… and no I have not neglected my sketchbook, I just havent posted much from it yet…
Latest Furry Sketch

Keep checking on me, I may just decide to rant here about nothing and everything fun…

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