Crash Woody!!

February 20th, 2009

Hahah, I just love that name. You know a good net name can make an impression. I get all sorts of feed back on my psuedonym Ledsoul. Most just call me Led after a while. One guy I know even created a salute for me because of the name. (He would salute and then drop his hand like he was dropping a space helmet visor. Heheh.)

Simtech Flight Design Fun Flying

Anyway… My good friend Woody has been having great success creatively and I salute him for it… Check out his company, Cr1 Flight design. I had good hopes of helping him with his site, however time and circumstances, (AKA, life), didnt happen fast enough. LOL. Good thing he’s more resourceful than I am, cause his site is going to be great.
(Dropped his link in my Black Book, so you can call it up anytime, Kudos Mate!)

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