Edumacational Constraints

April 27th, 2009

I hate Math. Perhaps Hate is a strong word. I am very averse to it. Uninclined to understand the language of numeric theory. And then some genius thought that algebraic formula would help. It would help only if they drew me a picture, has anyone created pictorial… oh wait they did, Geometry. Geomaticians. Its a whole world of aliens, compared to my pathological intuitive understandings of the world.

So Im in class, taking thermodynamics and air systems design fundamentals and feeling more and more foreign. So I give kudos to those that can calculate clearly.

Bagged Babies, a warning label

Technically speaking, I have fallen deeper into the feild of technical art (Drafting in some circles) and graphic design than I thought was possible. Im learning all this stuff about the stuff Im drawing to make the engineering look good. To be honest, its heavy and my brain is not designed, so to put it, to deal with it all.

Do I blame my parents and their genes or my upbringing for my educationally retardation.

No. I just learn different than other people. My older brother did this same course and is now an expert in his feild. (Not art, but actually buiding… buildings.)

My mother gave me a call today and expressed her dissappointment at my alleged statement about my daughter having more than I had. She stopped to remind me that she had less than I had, and her parents had even less. Its an interesting notion to consider the “progressive” nature of the generations in what ‘riches’ they may have had. I speak of course of material possessions. Ofcourse that was not my point. Although happy that she has plenty, my fear would be that with all the more material possession, perhaps my girl will loose sight of the love and spirit that we give her also. (Something Grama, reminded me of and I had to reassure her that I had not forgotten that either.)

Bagged Head

Growing up I had plenty. Plenty enough. And wonder if I am mearly expressing on my daughter what I wished I may have had when I was her age. Perhaps unconsciously giving to her what I think would make her happier. When infact many children usually play with the box more than the actual toy sometimes. (Thus the warning lable on bags, telling parents that children will play with the packaging.)

We were in a parent teacher interview not too long ago. They had her ‘tested’ as her reading skils apparently are 8 grades above her current grade. That said, her other skills (math) are still at grade one level. (Her current grade.) This was facinating new and frightening at the same time. It meant she would excell very well in the reading and writing and arts. But struggle with math as I do. Again I am very grateful for a school like the one she is in with a arts immersion focus.

Diversity of skill and learning is a good thing, it makes for a world of differnt personalities. Accountants, Architechs and Artists. In the end, if my girl was more inclined to be an accountant, I would not stop her to do that, in so much as my parents did not stop me from becoming an artist.

Just a quick plug. Photography is one of those fine arts that is clearly a technical feild more people should have interest in… Check out my brother in laws pictures.
Carrion Flower

(Special thanks to the unnamed artist that created those warning lables on a software packaging.)

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